Freelance Jobs Malaysia curates and publishes high-quality freelance jobs. We help freelancers to work on legit freelance tasks offered by top companies and businesses in Malaysia. The main aim to launch this freelance job site is because Malaysia is moving towards the gig economy as job security has become less secured today. With technology growing rapidly, we have a choice today to choose the skills we want to learn and whom we want to work for.

  • Freelancers are more than just resumes.
  • Freelancing is more than just fulfilling specific requirements.
  • We want to help employers find top freelancers in Malaysia. Same goes to freelancers too…

It’s time for a freelance job platform in Malaysia. Although there are many platform available, our mission is to provide a platform for freelancers to create a profile and exhibit their skills while employers list freelance jobs to get the best talent. This site will help freelancers to promote their skills.

We also aim to become one of the top site that small and medium businesses look for to post their freelance jobs to acquire skilled freelancers. This site is simple and user-friendly to connect highly skillful freelancers to successful businesses. We look forward to provide the best for Malaysian freelance industry.

What you will get from Freelance Jobs Malaysia?

  • Employers can list freelance job opportunities for Free.
  • Freelancers can register for free profile and upload their resume.
  • All the jobs listed on this site will be carefully curated and reviewed to avoid spam job postings.
  • Weekly freelance job alerts direct to the email
  • Top resources on freelancing
  • And many more benefits to come as our website progresses in near future…

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